The Sustainable SeaFibe™ T-shirt


Food meets fashion with our first T-shirt made from SeaFibe™, an innovative fabric that combines Seacell™, a regenerative seaweed and eucalyptus fiber, with our hand picked eco-friendly fibers to create a garment that's cool and sustainable. With a silky-soft feel, this T-shirt is a material masterpiece that will put you and your wardrobe at the cutting edge of sustainable fashion.


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Product Details + Fit
  • Relaxed Fit - Designed to fit loose through the body with short sleeve and regular length body
  • Based on men's sizing, we suggest selecting one size down for women's size - see size guide for measurements
  • Each Terratela T-shirt comes with a unique material icon printed on the sleeve and QR code at the hem so you can see the sustainable journey of your purchase
Fabric + Care
  • 38% Seacell™, 56% Modal, 6% Roica™
  • We use Seacell™ fiber, made by sustainably harvesting brown algae from Icelandic fjords. This is crushed into a powder and blended with Eucalyptus trees in a closed-loop process. Learn more about the process on our SeaFibe™ page.
  • Our modal is Lenzing, harvested from sustainably sourced beechwood trees
  • We use Roica™, a degradable elastane to give additional stretch and comfort to the T-shirt
  • For best care, wash warm (at 40 degrees) and lay flat to dry
Sustainability Impact
  • Seaweed helps capture carbon dioxide from our atmosphere - up to 20x more carbon is captured by seaweed per acre than land forests
  • Seaweed does not require fresh water or fertilizers to grow and will grow at a faster rate than most land based plants - with some species growing as much as 2 feet per day
  • Eucalyptus and Beechwood trees are regenerative and grow without irrigation and pesticides even on dry lands
  • Seacell™ and modal are made using a closed-loop process that recycles water and repurposes the solvents used in production
  • We only harvest the top part of the seaweed that can naturally regenerate - our seaweed is USDA certified organic and untreated

Functional Benefits
  • More breathable than cotton
  • Nourishing and revitalizing on the skin
  • Natural moisture wicking properties help move sweat and moisture away from your body - keeping you cool and comfortable
  • Smooth fibers are good for sensitive skin
  • Since seaweed is embedded in the fibers, the nutrients from seaweed are retained in the Seacell™ fiber - including iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamin E, and can help to capture free radicals from entering the skin
Supply Chain Transparency

There is no sustainability without transparency.


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