Our Vision

We are on a mission to make more than just a fashion statement. We want to dress the world with purpose by offering true sustainable choices for your wardrobe.

We think people should feel good about what they wear and that clothing should not come at the detriment to the environment.

Nice to Meet You

Terratela is a family endeavor of the two co-founders: Natalia and Filippo who both immigrated to the USA from Europe.

Natalia has been working for over a decade in design and product development for numerous large fashion companies. Her passion and commitment has always been to design and develop garments in a more sustainable way.

Filippo has years of marketing experience and an eye for what works, he supports the consumer journey and sales development of Terratela.

Meet The Terratela Team


Our resident web designer, Joanna is in charge of user journey, our amazing website and all things tech.


Seeing the world through a range of lenses, Arlei creates all videos,
photography and sets our aesthetic sensibility.


Bruno is our CGI expert, who helped us to bring to life our unique materials with effective videos.

Dress with Purpose