The Perfect Partners

Sustainable clothes are made in a way that's kind to the planet and those who inhabit it. We only work with manufacturers and suppliers that are conscious of their environmental impact and guarantee a safe and respectful space for their employees. Below you can learn more about our partner facilities.

Our Fabric Manufacturers

Rebordões, Portugal

Established in 1995, they are a skilled high end textile manufacturer with both social and environmental sustainable practices at its core. Focusing mainly on creating sustainable materials in the technical textile world.

They hold many certifications inlcuding: GOTS, OCS 100, OCS Blended, GRS, Higg, OEKO TEX Standard 100, ISO 9001 & BCI.

Our Clothing Manufacturers

Riba De Ave, Portugal

One of the biggest manufacturing groups in Portugal, our t-shirt factory has a rich history of sustainable practices including a water reuse system and textile waste recycling.

They hold many certifications including:

  • GOTS, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 & ISO 9001
  • Environmental Certifications - NP EN ISO 14001
  • Social Certifications - ISO 14001, BSCI & Sedex

Rebordões, Portugal

Established in 1969, our t-shirt factory partner is a leader in design, innovation and manufacturing. Committed to sustainability, they are part of the European Union's mega project on circular economy. Energy used to power their facilities is made using renewable sources, they work to reduce their CO2 emissions, and have their own water treatment system making sure to avoid all harmful chemicals in their dyeing and washing processes.

They hold many certifications including:

  • BCI & GOTS
  • Environmental Certifications - NP EN ISO 14001
  • Social Certificates - ISO 45001 & SA 8000/SMETA