The Sustainable MilkFibe™ T-Shirt


Our newest T-shirt MilkFibe™, is made from soured milk waste that is collected from industrial farms and is unfit for human consumption. The casein protein is separated from the liquid, it is then washed, dried and ground into a fine powder (much like a protein powder) and then dissolved and wet spun into a fiber. We blend the milk fibers with micro modal, which is a beechwood fiber, responsibly sourced from Lenzing.

Since MilkFibe™ is a fabric made with regenerated protein fibers, it behaves much like other animal fibers. It's comfortable, breathable, moisture wicking and naturally antibacterial. It's another great addition to a more conscious wardrobe choice and will go great alongside one of our other FoodFibe™ shirts. This is our softest shirt yet.

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Product Details + Fit
  • Relaxed Fit - Designed to fit loose through the body with short sleeve and regular length body
  • Based on men's sizing, we suggest selecting one size down for women's size - see size guide for measurements
  • Each Terratela T-shirt comes with a unique material icon printed on the sleeve and QR code at the hem so you can see the sustainable journey of your purchase
Fabric + Care
  • 59% Micro Modal, 39% Milk Fiber, 2% Elastane
  • Machine Wash Cold Inside and Lay Flat to Dry
Sustainability Impact
  • Millions of gallons of milk are wasted annually, we've found a solution for the waste
  • Beechwood trees are regenerative and grow without irrigation and pesticides even on dry lands
Functional Benefits
  • Comfortable, breathable, moisture wicking and naturally antibacterial. 
Supply Chain Transparency
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