Discover Our CornFibe™

Step 1

Harvest fresh, dent corn and run though a wet mill to separate any sugar from the corn.

Take this processed sugar from the corn and add a fermentation starter, in this case natural bacterial microorganisms.

This non-chemical treatment allows the corn to ferment naturally and create the basis of our CornFibe™ T-Shirt.

After this process of fermentation you have created a material called Bio-PDO.

Step 3

Melt down the Sorona® pellets into a thick, viscous liquid and push the liquid through a spinneret creating long threads - a lot like a pasta machine.

Step 4

Finally, mix these threads with the most sustainable, freshest organic cotton from Turkey for added structure and you are left with CornFibe™. A soft, breathable and naturally stretchy fabric that’s good for you and the planet.

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